Welcome to Dodasa Ranch

Tucked away in a quiet foothill valley is Dodasa Ranch.
The land where our ranch now sits is rich in California history including gold mining and the route of the stagecoach as well as cattle ranching and farming.  
While living in the city we had dreams of raising our daughter in a rural setting where she could ride her horse, climb trees and explore the world.  So we came to Calaveras County and never looked back.  We knew immediately that this was the place for us!  

We had to come up with a unique name for our special family place, so we decided on the first two letters of each of our names, 
Don, Dawn, and our daughter Sara.

And so
 Dodasa Ranch began in 2002.

Living here allows us to focus on the things that matter most to us.  We are inspired every day by the beauty of the surrounding fields, hills and California Oaks.  After living here and enjoying the quiet beauty of the foothills we thought that other people might want to Escape to the Country too.  So we decided to share our piece of sunshine with everyone!!  Our vision is to create a place where people can come together with family and friends to share special moments of their lives together.   

Come on........Escape to the Country. 

We look forward to sharing our piece of country heaven with you!